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a bottle=a tree

March 27th 2011 in just a thought

Look, I am not the concerned type when it comes to environment. Not THAT concerned, at least. But something happened to me last nigh that got me thinking. I was having a good saturday night experience in Gandaria City. My friends and I were strolling along till I felt thirsty. So I decided to buy a bottle of mineral water to quench my thirst. I entered LOTTE MART and took what I wanted then waited in line. My turn came and that was it. It was done. I got my mineral water, my change and a receipt. And O My God! I got a looong receipt for buying only ONE bottle of mineral water. Check out the pics below  to see how long it is!!!

They said that a piece of paper wasted is almost the same as one tree cut. I just don’t wana count how many trees are cut per day when you you do your monthly shopping there.


PS: …although I don’t do numbers.


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Minggu2 lalu adalah waktunya perekrutan karyawan baru di kantor gw. Dan itu artinya, bibir2 orang2 di dept gw bakal mengalami sedikit fluktuasi di ketebalan rate sampai sesi program itu berakhir. Di lain pihak, ini berarti anggaran untuk hiburan bisa terpotong karena mesti pada lucu2 deh orang2 itu. Ini ada beberapa hal yang mau gw ceritain:

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