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Palatio–The God of Ignorance

March 19th 2011 in just a thought

Lately I have been creating this character in my mind called Palatio–The God of Ignorance. This is how everything began..


I have always known as somebody who is so “kekeh–determined” about things. Now, there are two questions that I think need to be answered:


1. Have I always been like that?

2. What makes me like that?



1. No. I was not like that in the past. I was a man who go with the flow. I often gave up when I was with a crowd–be it friends or colleagues. I was not happy but I always wanted to avoid conflicts. But then, there have been so many conflicts in my life that would not let me be quiet. I had to settle them–easy way, hard way, either way! Apparently, I took hard ways.

2. Well, since I have been taking hard ways, some problem were indeed solved. And I would say that in a group of people, there should be one person dares enough to take the hard ways–and that would be me. But then it consumes my energy too much. I became a person who does not let go. I thought about things seriously just because no one did. They complained to me that I was like that. But one thing they did not realize was….they expected me to take the hard ways when it was almost too late for they themselves to save their ass! (excuse my language). So, I solved some problems. I was “a hero”. But what did I get? Just some jokes and doubts when another problems showed up and I proposed my “hard-way methods”. Still, they came to me to save their ass again when it was almost too late. It’s a cycle.

And one day, I decided to stop. And I guess that was when I gave birth to Palatio–The God of Ignorance.

So, you are sick? Go to a doctor.

So, you need my help with the slides? Have you come to other people?

So, you need money? Tried stealing a bank?

So, you had a new thing to show the world online? Good for you–u know wat, I have mine, too. I think u should check it.

So, you bought a new gadget? Enjoy it! And no, thanks, you did not have to show me that.

So, you want to watch a concert? Yeah, I do, too. I have three concerts I have missed and I was so busy checking other schedules that I got no time hearing your reviews.

So, your boyfriend left you? Aw,…well, good luck.

Palatio is the youngest of The Gods. He does not do things for others. He only takes care of himself. If he has a job, he will try his best to finish it with a good result. He will depend on himself like thousand times before he had to seek help from others.

You wanna have fun with Palatio? What do you want to do? Your hobby? Aw, good luck. You should try his hobby. If you don’t want it, it, good luck.

Don’t hesitate in seeking for help from him. He’ll help you…as long as it doesn’t bother him.

Long live Palatio–The God of Ignorance.


PS: I am even thinking of writing a story about him. If you don’t like it,..well, ok, good luck :).

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“Palatio–The God of Ignorance”

nyolong di bank lebih susah daripada nodong ortu.ngasih saran mbok ya kira2 tingkat kesulitannya. 😀


Semua itu kan masalah usaha aj , Daff :).


hahahaha, good to know about Palatio. Welcome aboard, Palatio!


Hehehe Palatio feels very welcomed :). Thank u, qq.


hi palatio…mungkin stelah story about him,ada filmnya juga gitu..?hihihi….


Wah seru jugaaaa :).


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