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A spell-bound story (part 3–end)

December 9th 2010 in a short story

Writer’s note. This is the last part of the Spell-bound story. (part 1 and 2)



I started feeling dizzy.

Am I the only one who sees?

Where is that bright lady?

I wanted the old way I see.


Sitting down on a pavement

Breathing my thoughts for a moment.

Thinking hard how this could be.

It’s all the wish in me.


Bowing wind came into the skin.

I know that I was not alone.

Was it the lady or her twin?

Or was it a clone?


Needed the water spat.

To make sure that i was awake.

Her body was all that.

Her head was a snake.


That night has been so wild.

Things have made me choke.

How is it my child?

I was startled when the snake spoke.


This was like my station.

A place to return not as the sage.

I asked for explanation.

She grinned sending me knowledge.


Like in a bar a drunker with his beer,

Unwinding to lose the tense.

When shocked feelings disappear,

I came into my sense.


Give a child a candy.

And you create an extacy.

The honesty my eyes did see

Was men and their true personality.


The moment has cracked.

Like no lack in Thee.

She tended to take back

Whatever she has given to me.


I was supposed to take a bow.

My power was to go.

One last wish to see me

Cause I’m just a vessel of curiosity.


A mirror laid before me.

No such quality like blur.

The body was just me.

The head was a caterpillar.


The night time has burned.

The magic was not to nurture.

A goodbye with a question.

Why is it that creature?


A goodbye with a smile.

Disappearing in sands.

Truths came in a pile

I should be a wise man.


The voice flying from the nest.

The birds waved at the trees.

Wise of you of that request.

Men aren’t they appeared to be.




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“A spell-bound story (part 3–end)”

intinya tertipu gitu ya?
*bosomu abot tenaaaan*


Hastaaagaaa….setelat apa ane kelewatan tulisan pujangga menyeramkan ini? “..Give a child a candy…” >> njauk,om.


Kikikikikik….sok pinter gitu deh, Daff. Sekali2. Kikikikik.


Astagaaaa,…yuk yuk baca sampe mata jereng. Kakakakakakakak. Anw, mau permen apa? Permen jamu? Tradisional bangeeeet yaaaaa. LOL.


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Writer’s note: This is the second part of the spell-bound story. Read the first part here.

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Let my one wish prevails
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