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A spell-bound story

December 8th 2010 in a short story

In a cold moonlit night,

a strange lady came to me.

She was very bright.

Her eyes starred at me.


Hopeless as I could be.

She was pointing at me.

One wish she offered.

One mind was jumbled.


Choices were laid down.

The connections were bound.

She ordered a start.

I was only a man who was smart.


I questioned sincerity.

She nodded right at me.

A papyrus as appeared to be.

A spell cast upon me.

“When all numbers sail

When no one else can see

Let my one wish prevail.

Grant my eyes the honesty.”


(to be continued…)


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Untuk nge-close seri perpakumbuhan gw, gw mau cerita satu warisan kota Payakumbuh. Liat deh foto di bawah ini:

Ini adalah sebuah tugu di kota Payakumbuh yang namanya TUGU RATAPAN IBU.

Ceritanya gini. Dulu,..pas jaman penjajahan Belanda,…ada beberapa pemuda dikumpulin di tempat ini and ditembak satu2. Doooh,… Nah, para ibu berkumpul buat meratapi nasib anak2 mereka. Ada satu […]

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Writer’s note: This is the second part of the spell-bound story. Read the first part here.

“When all numbers sail
When no one else can see
Let my one wish prevails
Grant my eyes the honesty.”

Blinding light was I to suffer.
When my eyes opened i got the offer.
I turned away from her.
I headed home in eyes of power.
A child […]

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