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Cool Text

September 6th 2010 in links

Like the logo above? Just click it and have fun with the website. It’s free, it’s easy. You can also download cool fonts as well. What are you waiting for? :).

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“Cool Text”

logonya baguuss….. top abis. ^_^


Makasi. Ayo wan, bikin :)

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It all began on January 3, 2010. I broke up. And I tried hard…..God knows, get back to my ex. I failed.

Then I decided to owe people some money to buy a laptop. I did. Every time I was reminded of a tree where I expressed my sadness that very night, I turned to my […]

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Bruuuu beberapa hari lalu gw posting soal THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMP OVER A LAZY DOG. Waktu itu gw g tau apa nama kalimat komplet (ada subject and ada predicate) yang didalemnya menghamili seeeeemmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaa alphabet kita. Setelah browse2 atas bawah, nemulah gw apa namanya.

Ternyata namanya adalah PANGRAM. Waktu itu gw pikir uda hebat yang nemuin […]

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