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August 22nd 2010 in a short story

This is the year of 3950A. All of you come from the previous time would wonder why now we have the letter in a year. Simply put, the world is inside a mirror after 2012. We need to identify which one is real and which one is not. And feelings are one of many things fake.

And now some gathered in suits and ties in a great podium of World Theatre–a building for the rich to so their stuffs. And here is one led by another gentleman in suit and off course…in tie.

“Welcome the distinguisheds. Tonight we have a special deal.” He paused for a dramatic moment.

“We are please to announce that have been able to locate and bring some precious properties for you to own. from the year of 3950 and that’s it. No “A” after.

“Please welcome Ms.Dolores…”

After a slight of applause, a lady dressed in black and pearls all over came from behind the stage with three bodyguards she slept with earlier–all of them–each carrying a metal box…shiny ones.

“Shall we begin? The first box is the first among the most valuable series. Raise your hand for abstracts extracted from the real world…”HOPE”.

Many gentlemen started naming the price they can afford to own “HOPE”. There was a raise in the price from gentlemen to gentlemen and it ended up to a gentlemen in black suit and a tie.

“I guess you are very hopeful to get “HOPE”, Sir.

Seemed that it was a great joke for the rest of the audience but the man himself for he did not laugh, not even a smile.

“Next,… Ms . Dolores?”

Ms. Dolores went to a bodyguard and took the metal box in her hands and moved center stage.


I guess they needed that also to cope with the life in 3950A.

“Who are you determined to fight against? The government? The boss? The wife??? The first one?”

Everyone let out a giggle until it went once, it went twice, and it went the end to the same gentleman in black suit and black tie.


“What is it if we may know?”

The man just went quiet.

“Obviously not ignorance.”

It was a great joke again and everyone laughed again.

“CONGRATULATIONS! It goes to the gentleman in a black suit and a black tie.”

Everyone looked at themselves in the same outfit and then giggled.

“Well, good luck then. Next up,…make sure you do not miss the…”BRAVERY”.

And everyone started to make strange sounds and stood up and named great prices. The man in the podium got all prices changed in seconds. It went up and up. Ms. Dolores started to hate all those voice since they made her no longer the attraction!!!

$40 million dollars to the gentleman..”

“$45 million dollars to the ..




And all the eyes went to the same gentleman in black suit and in black tie.

“This is not a fight!”

“Useless to come here!”

Similar comments came form the many disappointed participants.

The “BRAVERY” was won.

After the show the gentleman went to his black car and directed straight home. He met his wife in a black dress and kissed her on the lips.

“Honey, we are ready. I have got the “HOPE,DETERMINATION, and BRAVERY. We should start now for our kids!” They looked at a glance to their children and kissed again.

After the children went to bed, the two sat on a dining table with the three boxes.

“Are you ready?”

The wife just nodded.

The man was about to open the first box when the wife shouted:


The man stopped. The wife left him to the kitchen and went back with two glasses of champagne.

“Let’s propose a toast.” They both raised the glasses and the wife said:

“To change!”

“Yes, to change!”

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Susahnya mencari blog ini…Musti muter-muter stasiun Gubeng-JMP-Bungurasih. 😛


Eeeeeeeeh,…tamunya uda dateng. Gimana jalan2 ke Bungurasihnya? :)
Thank you, rili :).


Jadi semangat nih :). Thank you.


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