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The Cut

August 18th 2010 in just a thought

About a year ago, if I’m not mistaken, I heard a bad news from the keeper of the boarding house I live in about his son. That man told me that his son got sort of a heart problem. I didn’t really understand it myself. We were speaking a different language, I guess.

Anyway, I started to think of what to do about that. I was lacking of money at that time that if I helped him with some of my own, I would be helpless myself. So I decided to go to Facebook. I wrote a status asking for anyone’s help about this. I got comments, suggestions, but not money. I did invite them to come to my place just in case they didn’t believe me. Well,…

At one point, I dared myself borrowing some money from a friend. A good soul replied. I made sure that the money was used to take care of the son.

Months,…no news,… I started to notice that the man and his wife were no longer working together. It was only him or only his wife. I started asking friendly questions. Apparently they had to take turns taking their young son to the hospitals for chekups. And it cost a lot.

I was moved by what I heard. I shared some of my own thinking that I would be as desperate for a helping hand as they were.

One day, I got a broadcast message on my Blackberry informing that there would be a free cardio operation in one of the biggest hospitals in Jakarta. I informed them but they said that a relative has enrolled them in such program. Ok, then. To me, and to them, it was one way or another to get better.

The good news came after one another. I was informed that the kid i now healthy. I am so relieved until now.

The thing is that yesterday,I couldn’t sleep. What’s new to that? I stayed up till morning doing my thing and I saw the three of them doing theirs. The wife first. She greeted me. I greeted back. Then the husband..repeating the protocol. Then it was the kid running happily and got closer to me and my laptop. I called his name asking how he felt. He just smiled. I was so glad that it was over. All the pain has gone away now…until I saw the cut on his bare chest. It killed me for a while-taking me back to my fullest empathy toward the family throughout the hardship.

I just wish that NO ONE will ever have to go through such a painful process resulting them with the cut on their bare chest.


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“The Cut”

bn wonderin’ how he’s doing.glad that he’s ok now.i guess some happines require some hard-core’s unavoidable sometimes.:-)


bn wonderin’ how he’s doing.glad that he’s ok now.i guess some happines requires some hard-core’s unavoidable sometimes.:-)


Yup. Alhamdulillah… The good soulm Daff. The good soul :).


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