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Criminal Minds

August 19th 2010 in Alter ego

“O, you came back.”

“I am invited, indeed.”

“Huh? Who inv…”



My alter ego just nodded. That nod took me back to where I first met him.

And at that time he was there with his mocking face toward mine.

“What do you want from me?”

“Notin’.” I said.

“Are…you…sure?” He paused in every word to make a great emphasis on each and that gave me goosebumps and uncomfortable feeling.

“Who hurt you this time?”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t exactly expect me not to know things about you, right? I’m your GOD! I’m your self-image of GOD!”

I turned to my laptop just to ignore him. I tried hard not to look at him.And I was successful for almost an hour!!! I glanced at him a bit and I was shocked coz he was right there five inches before me. I backed off gasping for breath!

“Don’t scare me!”

“Hahaha. I’m scaring you? Just like the person in your head?”

“What person?”

“That’s it! I can go on all night waiting for you to say her name. But I won’t. So I will just spit it out. Michelle!”

I got freaked out. How did he know about Michelle?

“O,I know”

Ha?? Was I talking outloud? I was just talking to myself!

“You were not talking out loud but you WERE talking to yourself…you were talking to me.”

I began to think that he is right. And I was so tired of playing this game.

And he laughed saying “Yes, you are tired. Wana play a game?”

“What game?” I asked suspiciously.

“Punishment game.”

I was putting my questioning face.

“Punish Michelle! She did not have any rights to treat you like that. How do you want Michelle to die?”

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“Criminal Minds”

so,ready to kick sum a**? 😀


like usual…great story….selamat ya uda punya domain sendiri


Daff,..bring it (I mean “them”) on!!! LOL
Xort: Thank you. Good luck with yours, too.


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