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Bad news…delivered

August 13th 2010 in my days

In my field of work, we are trained to spot somebody’s positive things more than their negative things. Trust me, for some, it’s hell!!

A colleague of mine deliberately confessed to my face that it’s the hardest past. We talked during the break. I said:

“It is good that you admit that. It’s the first step of solving it.” Then I paused a while. I went on:

“What did I just said to you earlier?”


“I pointed out one good thing from you. You confessed what you lack, indeed. I do see that as something you need to improve. But I can still point out one good thing from you, right?”

He went singing his A-HA songs!

Problem solved? I took it like that. We talked about other things and it’s time to go back to the office. There I met another colleague.

My colleague (MC): “Long time no see, man. Wazzup?”

Me (M): “Hey there. Great here. Yourself?”

MC: “Great. Perfect!”

M : “Great. Anw, you got wi-fi here?”

MC: “Yeah, yeah,.free.U got laptop…now?”

M: “Yeah.” I took out my HP Netbook on the table.”

MC: “Woooo niceeee,…HP.” Then the conversation went on about how good, thin and sopichisticated my netbook was. After all the bla bla bla, he said:

MC :  “Well, I guess since you showed your laptop, I gotta do the same,I guess. Hehehehe.”

We started to talk about his DELL colored blue. The bla bla bla sounded strange but I though of it as the practice to say good things about his laptop. He said one more sentence:

MC: “But apparently if you open the lid of your laptop, you can see that it looks old.”

Mmmm…I know who needs training on delivering bad news…if the bad news is really needed to be delivered after all!

PS: I ended the conversation by telling him: “But I guess the screen in your laptop is not borderless like mine.”

He went like: “Huh?”

I closed with:” O,u don’t kno? Anw, gotta work.”

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“Bad news…delivered”

Blue DELL?!

O-Mi-God! He is soooooo a follower of mine. I’m sure I dont like whoever he is *bad feeling about this*

Btw, Congrats on your own dot com. Wuiiiiiiiiih!


O yeah,..he is a follower indeed :). May he rest in piece. Loooh. But trust me, your blue DELL is much more advanced! Anw, the new .com thing,…I’m coping with it. Thanks.


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