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December 26th 2009 in Alter ego

The conversation between me and my alter-ego started to get me.

“So, you are saying that if I admit that you so-called benefit theory were true—even at the slightest—my being as a human will not be ok?” I repeated my question.

He nodded again and gave me that grin of a life time.

“I..I don’t get it.”
“Don’t get it or won’t accept it?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that my sentence is bold.”
“No, it’s not. I disagree with you. Just because I don;t believe you doesn’t mean that my world is crashing down. I can kill you and make another of you in a sec.”
“That’s just…human on how we know you.”
“You have been very judgmental on me. I don’t like you.”
“You can kill me and put me away and get back to your senses.”
“O, I will!”
“Then it only proves that your world is shaken.” 


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