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December 7th 2009 in links

Mau cari referensi apa? Dunia perhewanan? Makanan? Cinta? Atau yang serius? Theory2 gt? Atau yang berbau2 kerjaan? Semua ada disini. Click aj :)

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Seru juga ya….Eeeennngggg, ada lesson planning nggaaaa? 😀




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“Isn’t everyone interesting?” I asked my alter ego that sixty million dolar question.”In a way,..yes.” He said. And then he added “However, oftentimes we do not have sufficient time to understand them. Inevitably we choose to understand people if they are of benefit for us.”But that is just so cruel!” I remarked.”The benefit theory works subconsciously. […]

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“Welcome to Emotionology class.” Prof. Hedium greeted the students.”Today we are going to go on with our previous discussion last meeting. Mr. Hart,..just what did exactly we discuss if you are kind enough to remind us?””The theory of Multiple Emotional Intelligences inspired by The Multiple Intelligences Theory introduced earlier by Howard Gardner.” Jeremy Hart answered that question with confidence.”Great! […]

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