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The Benefit Theory

December 7th 2009 in Alter ego
“Isn’t everyone interesting?” I asked my alter ego that sixty million dolar question.

“In a way,..yes.” He said. And then he added “However, oftentimes we do not have sufficient time to understand them. Inevitably we choose to understand people if they are of benefit for us.

“But that is just so cruel!” I remarked.

“The benefit theory works subconsciously. It takes many forms from business deals, friendship and even love.”

“But that’s just…” I haven’t finished my sentence when he said:

“Analyze the relationship you have with others first. See me again only if I’m right.”

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“The Benefit Theory”

First, why sixTY million?Second, are you sure your alter ego is a 'he'? *kabuuuurrr!!*


first,..krena mahal.second: mau diganti she? LOL


totally agreeeven friendship begins with likeness


u got that right, mike. so,..hows ur alter ego? :)


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