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Tomorrow Today: The Interview—Part II

October 4th 2009 in Tomorrow Today--the series

       After luch, I went back to my office. I headed straight to my desk to get the files to discuss the one million applicant I reviewed last night.
“Come on in.” My boss said after I knocked on his open door.
“I am done reviewing the files for McPherson, Sir.”
“OK. Go on.”
“I think we have to give some notes for Jones Brothers.”
“And what notes would those be?”
“McPherson has been in and out of companies several times. The longest he was in was for two years only.”
“Sure that it was for negative reasons?”
“No recommendation letter for those companies, Sir. I mean, he did mention that he was not financially happy, but,…why wouldn’t he be with twelve million dollar annual income? As a manager only?”
“He happened to work as a manager ONLY in ONLY one of the biggest educational company in America. He has been very active in proofing himself to be a highly capable scholar with his academic posting on the internet, right? Has it ever occureed in your mind that he could get more?”
Why do I feel that this job is like a test? I felt stupid.
“Of course. But here’s another thing I found out. He practised several ideas in his previous company to his next ones.”
“And that is also NOT normal to you?”
“Well,… I talked to some sources and I heard that Jones Brothers is going to issue a 3D learning software.”
“And that is al..”
“Hold on, please. Here’s the thing. He was doing a similar project at his present company.”
My boss was quiet.
“If you were worried about his motivation of stealing ideas from Jones Brothers to apply at his own company, you would probably be right.”
“But, Na…”
“With all do respect, I was asked for my opinions. In this assignment I had to be negative. I had been negative about him, Sir. The decision is in your hand now.”
My boss was very quiet now. He looked deep into my eyes.”
“What do you mean “NO”?”
“This one, the desicion is in your hand. Arrange an appointment for the initial interview. You do the interview. After that, give it a thought and come back to me the next day with facts. I want facts.  OK? Facts. I just gave you a challenge, Na. And fyi, … I don’t give  challenges often. Good luck!”
“I trust that you have a good listening ability, Na?”
I was startled. What’s behind this? I did not dare to ask, though. I turned around and headed to the door. I suddenly forgot something. I turned back and said to him:
“Thank you. I’ll meet you two days later for this.”
I turned my body again and as soon as I did that, there was a name in my head:
Mr. Jeff Godbloom


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