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December 8th 2008 in just a thought

There’s a song by Dolores O’Riordan entitled ACCEPT THINGS (taken from the album “Ordinary Day”).
One of the lyrics takes my attention. It is…
“You should not forget the people you met on the way up and on the way down.”
I remember those people in my life. Do you?

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“a quote”



“those when you’re way down”? I wonder what that means….


salah ketik tante. maksudnya,…on your way down. hihihihi. maaaaaaaaaaaaap


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AI know thatDwe shouldn’t makeAdecisions when we’re madDI’m not madAI am calmDACalm as the seaDCalm as the sunGLet’s talkALet’s talkGI’m firstAYou’re nextAMy problem isDI always feelAmisunderstood by youDMy problem isAYou make me feelDADI’m taking a lot of youAMmmDNanananananaYou know thatwe shouldn’t makedecisions when we’re madYou’re not madYou are calmCalm as the seaCalm as the sunLet’s […]

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OMG,………. i have tried many times installing Adobe Acrobat. I just can’t.I believe a man should know when to stop,….this is it!!!

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