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November 30th 2008 in reviews

Valkyrie is definately a movie for me to watch. Great story (so i read from the met) and great actors. I just admire Tom Cruise very much. He plays only in good movies. “Valkyrie” itself is about the Nazi. Ain’t that cool? Anw, for those who don’t know, Valkyrie is a goddes in Nordic Mythology. Then what does it have to do with Hitler? That’s why I want to watch the movie. hehehhehehehe.


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Announcer (A): Okay, guys, welcome back to another edition of sharing on the air. Kalo mau curhat, curhat deh. Mumpung cuman bayar pulsa doang. G harus nraktir temen di tempat2 makan yang mahal padahal makanannya g enak2 kan? Y ampun, ni di studio line telp uda blinking2 semua. ternyata tingkat kecurhatan malem ini tinggi juga […]

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I was once in a farewell party for a friend of mine. I admire her a lot. She is very brave n physically great!!!She gave a speech that I remember until now. She started with list of thank yous. Then she went on with hopes and wishes. In the end of her speech she said […]

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