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When everybody,… I was…

March 28th 2009 in my days

When everybody was busy preparing for the training,…I was busy making a peace with myself. Hihihi. Kurang ajar ya gw!

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“When everybody,… I was…”

pis yo….pis….pis man…kebelet pipis ya makanya ga siap2 buat training??? :)


mmm…uda tgl 31 nih…met ulang tahunnya….semoga semua impiannya terwujudkan…amin

>TRS, -Cr+AMMAqQ -nom -de -bleu -!Mais -c’est -o+AMMAuQ -chez -vous -TRS -? -La -« couille -+AMMAoA -bleu » -, -j’adopte -!Et -si -sur -les -chantiers -j’ai -moins -de -prestance -que -lamid -avec -sa -th+AMMAqQ-orie -de -Darmesteter, -j’aurai -du -moins -l’avantage -de -contacts -humains, -virils -et -chaleureux.nota: -le -calepin -est -traditionnellement -au -1/20+AMMAqA -(le -calepinage -+AMMAqQ-tant -l’action -d’+AMMAqQ-tablir -un -calepin)


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