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life on the net

March 27th 2009 in just a thought

I have some friends with many identities on the net. One for the white side and the other for the dark ones. Or maybe I should say OTHERS instead of OTHER.
Here’s a question:
What would you do if somehow you found out that your beloved one–not just a casual friend which you do not really have to care about–have OTHER identitieS without you knowing it?
And the IDs are for dark sides. Would you:
a. check on it or them once in a while?
b. obsessed with it or them?
c. ignore them?
d. or else?

The options above are from my personal experience.

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“life on the net”

Speak up!Ask 2 your spouseDont be silent


e!Bukan ignore THEM. Tapi ignore HER! Cari yang laen! Susah amat!


sian deh punya pacar kaya gitu

Bosnai Herezegovina

wah.. ini nih………..


d. Or elseMksdnya, tanya aja lgs. ‘eh emang lo kaya gitu ya?’I believe in face-to-face communication je, no matter how sophisticated tech has become… (gayanyaaa gw :p)


ex: OK.Kop: He eh.Ano: emang. kenalan dong.Bos: iya itu tuh.. Kenalan dongWind: Daleeem.


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