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Effort to being cliche-new year res…

January 1st 2014 in my days

Ok, so this is my effort of being clichè…writing new year resolution. Whyever I am writing this will get to my something-something-bla-bla-bla-part.

So, new year resolution:

1. I want a house!
Is that a big enough of a resolution?
Ok. That’s it, then.
Good luck, Chuck!

Happy new year!


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Okeeehh,… Gw punya temen yg uda siap jd self-publisher.
COOL, i know!

Yg bakal dia publish itu puisi2nya dia.
COOL, i know!

Pusinya dua bahasa, ind eng.
COOl, i know!

Dan gw yg translate.
Hadeeeehhhhh. Not cool at all. Berikut alasan2nya…. *pura2nya ada iklan bentar.

1. Tulis menulis perasaan uda lumayan lama gw tinggalin. I mean, look at this blog. Uda kayak rumah […]

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