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Life lesson from angry birds

December 18th 2012 in just a thought, my days

So I downloaded angry birds starwars. Been a while, rili. And i had a great time playing it. My dizziness and my problems didn’t seem to agree since they packed their bags n left immediately.

Along the finger tapping, holding, sliding, releasing and sometimes tapping again,…i thought to myself how we can learn a lot from the angry ones (birds…of course)

1. Not necessarily a straight line

We were thoght n raised kowing how straight lines are important. But ges wat, curving them, be ding hem a little degree to the left or right is also important. And most of the time, that’s what we need to do in life. Be flexible.

2. No matter where

I have played some versions and now i play this one. In whetever settings, the objective is stil the same. So, wherever we are…wherever,…we can always be ourselves.  We can be in an open space, closed doors, or even outer space,….we have to still be able to recognize our beings. I often ‘lose myself in crowd, though’.

3. Do things slightly differently.

Imagine if we have to see the same pattern all the time. Well, ring the boredom alarm! Do change one or two or three things of what we do. Have fun with it. Try brpwn if you have never tried it before. Enjoy life and the surprises you can actually give yourself:).

4. Know what you got..always do!
So you can divide yourself into three? Coooolll. You can shoot with laser? Waaaaaaaaaw… You can extend further the ray of energy? Rili? You can actually create a mini earthquake? Seriously? Use all what you got.

5. Keep things simple.

I have to say that i cant do this one. But i can actually understand the logic. So anw,…keep tapping the screen of life, atretch it back earlier and then let go. Keep it simple. You do not need to change the way your fingers move although you are in a different setti ng. Just do it simple :).

Now, i realize that some of you may think that my writing does not exactly say things that correlate with angry birds. Well, just download it, play it, then go back to this post. I’m sure you understand what I mean :).

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“Life lesson from angry birds”

Whatever objective you’re on, ALWAYS prepare enough ammo. 😉

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