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You need 4 sticks of cotton bud. Find out why!

November 24th 2012 in my days

In an early morning when I woke up-trust me, it doesn’t happen often–I realized there’s a general truth that eeeeeeevery one should know!

You need 4 stick of cotton bud!

Yep! This is why:

First, I read somewhere somewhen somehow that gymnasts maintain their balance with clean ears! How bout that? We do not necessarily need a gymnastic body–trust me, we CAN live without it–but we definately need their kind of ears. Clean ears will make us balance in our daily lives.

Say we cross a street, we don’t wana fall in the middle of the traffice, no? So, clean our ears.

Say we are in the kitchen preparing for a drop-dead delicious gourmet, we don’t wana fall into the hot pan, no? So, clean our ears.

Say we are sending files via bluetooth standing up, we don’t want to fall and drop our phones, no? So, clean our ears.

Say you expect another example from this point to bore you until you are off balanced, no? So, clean our ears.


Next, clean ears affect our happiness. True, if you want to be happy, start with cleaning those things inside your ears. I read a research somewhere, somehow, somewhen, somehow about it. And I believe that research.

Say you broke up from a very bad relationship. you cry? No need. Just clean your ears.

Say you just spend a hundred thousand rupiah for a bad date with a 3d movie. You curse on the road home? No need. Just clean your ears on the way. If you can make it home safe, you’ll feel happier.

Say you wana go online with your modem. Your modem sucks like hell as if you had ever been there. You throw things? No need. Just clean your ears. The only thing you have to throw away is a pack of those junks.


But why four? This is how an ear cleaning process should work:

The first cotton bud you use will be “the opener”. It has the greatest duty a cotton bud can be born with. That particular cotton bud is prepared to face anything that blocks its way. It never knows what its going to deal with until the time comes, right? So, go easy on it. Push but don’t push hard. Give it a taste first. Push,..hold,..then pull it back. See what is there before you go on to the next push which you should do with a slightly stronger energy.

The second cotton bud–“the wiper”–will have an easier job. It now knows already what it faces. Just insert it and then slowly rotate it. Fell good, there, huh?

Remember, you can always rotate it 360 degrees, but the most effective one is you go 180 degrees right, then you go back 180 degrees left. The number is the same–360–but the direction should be different. If you go full 360, the dirt will just go round and round like merry. It will stay and create more mess in your ear. But if you go 180 to the right and 180 to the left, it will surely bother their existence and force them not to stay there. If you are left-handed, well, you can always do it the other way around.

The art of cotton budding mostly depends on the finger movement. To deal with the first cotton bud, you need to have the right feel of pushing and pulling back. To deal with the second one, though, requires you to handle the pressure of doing these activities. Don’t forget to tweak it a little. Don’t follow the straight and circular lines only with the second cotton bud. You need to tweak up and down a little to make the dirt sticks.


That’s all about the reasons behind the need of the 4 cotton buds. Now, you are probably wondering why only two cotton buds? The tilte says 4. Well, to get the better results, you need to repeat the procedures. And if God gives us two ears, then we have more work to do, yes?


Have a great Sunday…


PS: …and clean ears!




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“You need 4 sticks of cotton bud. Find out why!”

I seriously doubt that this and the previous writing was written by a man who (once) cannot be moved from his jupiter. LOL.

Je Agam

from,…cleanliness? PLAK!


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Like seriously,…hello world. Where have you gone?

I’m tired here with this and that. Making a change? Always…always…not thinking that it is the right time. Sorry but on this n that, I am not the ‘just-close-your-eyes-and-jump’ type of man.


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