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Hello, world

November 20th 2012 in just a thought

Like seriously,…hello world. Where have you gone?

I’m tired here with this and that. Making a change? Always…always…not thinking that it is the right time. Sorry but on this n that, I am not the ‘just-close-your-eyes-and-jump’ type of man.


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“Hello, world”

Semua kalimatnya main ideas? Ngga boleh tuch!!! Ow, maaaaaan!!!! 😀

Je Agam

Oh, nooooooooooooooooo… LOL


i know you are the ” just close your eyes and MOLORRR” type of man…hahaha


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Agustus 2011

“Bon, yakin lo?”

“Uda lah, Ter. Buat gua ini bukan masalah keyakinan lagi. Gua emang sampe sekarang nggak yakin. Cuman ya,…gimana lagi? Sian si Tommy.”

Terra menatap Bonbon dan dia merasa tambah kasian tiap harinya.

“Kapan lo mau kesana?”

“Secepatnya. Telepon dia gih.”

Terra mengangkat teleponnya dan Bonbon menyruput kopi paitnya.



Juni 2011

Tommy melihat hapenya dengan rasa kesal. Di tandailah […]

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