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August 10th 2012 in just a thought, my days

A couple of days ago I read an article on Google Current—An Android App—about first days when a scientist was a bout to launch the first ever touch screen—iPhone something. I was sooo inspired with the way the article was written (sorry I forgot the link). The words they used are sooooo me. They were exaggeratting, full of emotion and sooo spirit-lifting! They talked about the greatest innovation ever. They talked about changing people’s lives. They talked about transforming habits and all that!

I was so inspired that I tae a look at myself and what I have done in life. Have I ever done something…anything extrovagant that changes the way people do things??? Amazingly I think I have—not to Apple’s standard, of course. I recalled the first time I initiated report submission in my office via online instead of face-to-face. I have successfully transformed the way certain reports were usually done in my job. From three to five-page reports to one-page form. I have done many other things as well that I cannot describe here since everything is contextually related to things in my office.

I wrote this post not to boast myself with what I have done. I did it to make me feel aware of what I have conducted so as I have this spirit to do things differently in a good sense in the future. And most importantly, I can say to myself how a good employee I have been. And now I can go to have a good night sleep knowing that  I meet the responsibilities. I need more self-motivation lately more than ever. And after Ramadhan,…after Ramadhan,…I’ll roar even more. Good job, Je. Now,…sleep! LOL.

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that’s the (UP) spirit!!! 😛


Kayaknya kudu sering main ke saung biar dapat inspirasi dan motivasi tentangkehancuran manusia.

Je Agam

Amin amin,..langsung syukuran. Loohhh..

Je Agam

Banyak ya, Bu. Ide2nya kreatif ya. Seperti gatel masal. Waaahhh bener loh, jadi dapet ide buat cerita…gatel masal. Yg untung obat gosok ya. LOL

Je Agam

Buuu kejadian lagi neh. Gw klik renoxta di komen di bawah ini,..masuknya ke halaman telkomsel. Jd lapa sekarang, buuuu????


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