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Lost and… Found (The end)

August 1st 2012 in a short story


In an instant I felt that the cold ground I sat on cracked a little then got slightly bigger. I stood up like a mad man and watched the abrupt lines decentred from where I was standing. Then one of the tiny powerful line literally chased me and I had to run as quickly as possible like a I was in an olmpyiad for some rewards I don’t know what. Fear? Is that my reward? Such a reward!

I failed.

No more land for my worn shoes to stand on. The hole on the ground was big and dark and ugly and I was succumbed to it. And pitch black it was. At that point I hate death. I hate that it took my body mass that I could not turn in the air. I just fell…helplessly. I felt the wind and it was cooler than my dead body temperature. Is there a death after one?

Where was I? What happened few moments ago? Suddenly I stood up in a very bright room full of many many maaaaannyyyyy people waiting in a very tight line. And no one talked to others. They…we just waited.

And I didn’t know for how long but suddenly I was on the first line and some angles (what else to call white-dressed men in a place like this?) took me to another room and said to me:

“You were lost for your act of suicide. You were supposed to wander off until the end of the day. But a human with heart as pure as snow passed away in a tragedy was given a privelege and has asked of you.”

He stepped back. And I didn’t know that there was a door—a big one—opened behind him. My girlfriend was there. She was at her brightest.

I was found.



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“Lost and… Found (The end)”



nha….permasalahannya adalah pada kapca nya.
spasi juga sangat berpengaruh.

aaah, aku lupa mau berkomentar apah.

Selamat Puasa Jupi, Penulis dan hantunya.

Je Agam

Aduh,…bingung harus gimana. Masak dulu aj ya siap2 saur. Hehehe. Thanks for keeping this blog visited :).


Gaya nulisnya ada perbedaan dr yg biasanya. :-)

Je Agam

Ha? Ha? Ha? Kenapa? Kenapa? Kenapa? Ha? Ha? Ha?


Mama….om itu galak. Nanya muluk. Aku atut. 😛

Je Agam

Mana? Mana? Sapa? (Bad habits die hard)


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She died at […]

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