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January 21st 2012 in just a thought

The best thing about a blog is like you have this incredible storage where you could come and go to your heart’s content. You can write weird things without being too caring about others. You can just tell them

“This is my goddamn blog and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

By saying that, I can always justify how weird I am with my imagination. Here’s one:

I am imagining to wake up one day with 150 something pounds with me. It was like so hard to breathe. It felt as if I had never known how to breathe before!

I dragged myself out of the bed (literally dragged myself). I tried to reach for my phone two feet away from where I sleep (while cursing my stupid mind for not putting it next to my bed!) and dialed 911.

Let’s just leave the movie life where people are saved just too quickly by those life-extension workers. I was in the paramedic car. Then they took me out of the car as soon as I had arrived at the hospital. You see those neon shining brights that I passed on below? Yup, looks like in a movie scene, huh? Well, I passed them quick. Those “4-wheel-drive” I laid on speed up and suddenly I was on a sedative by some local doctors.

The last thing I heard was something about liposuction or lipojunction or lipo somethingon.

I woke up next week. Boy, some sedatives I got!!!

The nurses bathed me and I did think that the enjoy the process. I guess it was some sort of a baby bear bath time for them. Then I was cleaned thoroughly. They even dressed me in maroon–I bet I asked of it since I like that color. And what do you know, eyes opened, I had a doctor in front of me.

He greeted me well. He asked me how I was. And I said I felt light. And he said:

“Must be coz of the liposuction.”

I went like “Huh?”

He clapped his hands twice. Then the baby bear bath nurses came in with a rolling table. On top of it was a big bucket containing a thick liquid.

“This is the last bucket, Sir.”

“Bucket of what?” I asked.

“Bucket of disappointment that we took out from your stomach.”

I went puzzled. But I was able to focus on some words.

“The last bucket?” I asked.

“Why, yes. Come follow me, Sir. Let’s take a look out of the window.

Stupidly I followed the doctor who stood up and headed to the window. He looked down and I did the same. And I saw people swimming in a dirty water down at the garden. I turned to the doctor and my face asked him questions. He just went on by saying:

“Well, there were so much disappointment and… and,…this hospital could use a swimming pool, you know. So we were just thinking that you wouldn’t mind if we, know…”

“Swim with me?”

There was a long breath inhaled by the doctor.

‘Well,…you could say that.”

And then somehow I felt better.


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for better or for worse. :-)


“go to your heart’s content” >> gosh i dont feel you but troubled is everywhere. uyeaaah…
jupe cudah cembuh.

Je Agam

Gw kan attraction to troubles. Lol. Tnx tante.

Je Agam

Ameeeen sistaaaa.


‘And then somehow I felt better’

Reminds me of my-last-couple-of-days.
And this is for you:


Indeed, heart’s content is also in my list. For me, blog helps me remember things I did before and what I responded. I always think that I will review them later on, but I have not do it yet.

Je Agam

That sounds like a case of multiple personality disorder when an alter takes your place and do things that you dont remember. LOL.

Je Agam

Feeling ur situation there…


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