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Body Partition Premium Store–Part 3–END

December 24th 2011 in a short story

Last night from Cassandra’s place was horrible. I felt like a newly born baby when it came to my left hand. It was lame. It was soft inside. And the bad thing was the fact that I was lefty! Cassandra’s assistant had to take me home. She opened the door, she drove me, she made me feel weak. I was weak. I had been feeling weak until this morning.

I woke up at four o’clock today. I had to give myself a lot of time just to dress up and catch the earliest bus since I could not drive yet. I did not want to get an accident along the way. Just because I did not want to harm my boss that didn’t mean I wanted to go that far by harming myself. Well, it sounded ironic when as a matter of fact I looked at my left hand. I knew I had harmed myself. I made the muscles in my hand dysfunctional for a whole day. The question was,…was it worth the effort?


I entered my office. I passed his castle–a boss that ruled everything like the Gods. And he just announced his materpiece of thought two days ago saying outloud:
’50 percent!’
‘Give me 50% of you guys,…my workers, I will take this company back to our glory days.’

With that sentence, the workers’ linkdn accounts were soon updated. The greatest online traffic had been to the headhunter sites. Everyone had been preparing.
Now now, why should EVERYONE be? Speculations had been going around that the God was always in favor of young dogs-the kinda who would follow him around and nodding to every propechy, laughing at every joke regardless its intelligence, selling souls to the devils.
‘God! Shame on them!’

Shame on me? Shame on me NOT! I am young but I am no dog. I am a good employee who was aware enough of what I am capable of doing. I can kill!

My private dialog with the inner-self was interrupted with three claps of hands from that cruel God.

“Meeting. Get your ass to the meeting room like…NOW!” Then he left so fast leaving a breeze of air from where he was standing. It’s his expensive silky vest. Whatever!

Everyone rushed into the meeting room for their fate. There were twenty of us. And some were standing since there were not enough chairs to sit on. And then he spoke:

“Morning. I did not put the word “good” before it since it is not!” He frowned. And that is a good news for me.

“You see, there has been a news going on about laying off some workers. And that news was true. You see, I am a modern person. I don’t use compassion in working. For me, if you function, I will not respect you still. I will just see you as an OK person. If you function waaay beyond your capacity, then I will start saying “hi” to you. And God knows I don’t say hi to many people! I think that’s stupid.

“Unfortunately, there were many stupid factors in population. I did propose a laying off for about 50% of you.” Then he went quite. He looked around pairs of eyes that did not return the look. The heads were looking down…except mine. And he stopped there for sometimes before he went on.

“The director had prepared a list of things for me to read. And I have to say I am not happy. They said that…” He paused. He took a deep breath. It was as if something was harder than getting a divorce from his wife.

“They said that some of you will have to go anyway for your retirement. They told me to be patient in three months. I thought that was stupid.”

“So, sadly, you guys have to put up with me. In fifteen minutes some of you will receive an email that will make you work like those horses until the end of your retirements. And some others will have longer emails for when we share an office, I will make sure that you work your assess off so hard that you will miss the sunrise and sunsets. Now get out of here!”

Everyone rushed out in relief. They were willing to just accept the fact that they still could enjoy their end-year holiday in peace.

“Except you!” Everyone stopped to that shout. He was pointing at me. And after that all my co-workers ignored me and got out of the meeting room. And there was only him and me. What a scene!

At least at that very moment I did not have to worry if he had to come out of the meeting room dead or alive. My hand was lame!

He literally threw a folder from across his side of the room to me.

“I propose a promotion for you to the board of directors and they agreed. This is your last day to sign it before they process it after the break. Sign it. Mail it. And you gotta do it before the end of the day!”


And then I looked at my hand and regretted that I was born lefty!

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“Body Partition Premium Store–Part 3–END”


(nyolong setrika)

(ninggalin sandal jepit kanan)

Je Agam

Alhamdulillah,..kebetulan ni lg cari yang kanan. Jadi sekarang ada dua yang kanan. Biar cepet gitu langkah yg sebelah kanan. Iramanya satu kiri, dua kanan, satu kiri, dua kanan. LOL
PS: Walaikumsalam…


In a kwaci shell. Everything is in a kwaci shell. :-)

Je Agam

In a kwaci shell, sometimes we hv to sacrifice many things to one person or situation although that causes us harm n loss.
PS: ojo keterusan, cak. Lol


Nek keterusan (mangan kwacine), mengko lambene njedhir. LOL LOL LOL.

Je Agam

LOL LOL LOL. Such an observant gal you are :).


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