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Body Partition Premium Store–Part 1

November 13th 2011 in a short story

I came into the building. It was shabby. It was dingy. It was impure. It was north pole to south of its name–Body Partition Premium Store. Well, what choice do I have? The real premium kind of store costs me much more than this one.

So I literally dragged myself in. The bells chimed in–although I had to say that the squeaking door sounded louder. Maybe the money they will get from me could help them oil the entrance door.

A woman in…was that pink? Or was it a seriously worn out pink gypsy dress? Well, whatever. She came to me  with a big smile and I felt like giving her a toothbrush.

“Welcome. How are you?”

I shrugged.


“Goooood.” She said prolonging the “o” sounds and I felt like a kid.

“My name’s Cassandra. I will help you with what you are looking for here. Now, tell me what can we do for you.” No pause. I bet she rehearsed that a lot!

“I’ for…partition.”

“Yes, dear. I know. Come sit here.” She seated me on a maroon couch where I practically drowned in. That couch was not the only thing maroon. I could see the carpet, the wallpaper and I started to think that this place provides escorts for men.

Cassandra sat down into a more mature chair behind her semi-circle wooden desk. She pushed a button on the left corner of her desk and suddenly it shone ray of light and a square holographic objects appeared above it.

“Now, now,…tell me again what you need? Maybe you can be more specific about it?” She asked.

“Mmmm,… seriously, I do not know.” I shrugged feeling relieve of admitting my stupidity.

“Well, it’s ok, dear. Do you wish for me to explain some possibilities?”

“Sure. That would be great.”

“OK.” She smiled a wide smile making a loser out of Chesire Cat. After that, she touched the air of the square and images of knowledge flashed to my brain. And by the end of it,  I knew exactly what body partition is not just what I heard from Robin–my friend who suggested me this place in the beginning.

“For your sanity, really.” She said. And here I am.

So, body partition is one technology that we have at the present time to separate certain parts of our physical being apart from the others without affecting its coordination with other body organs.

An example that Cassandra gave me was a little girl aged 10 witnessing her parents brutally murdered by a scumbag in front of her very eyes. She suffered from a mental illness ever since due to the trauma. Cassandra came to that the girl’s aunt taking care of her. She offered her a project, a try-out in returns to a promotional activity. Her aunt agreed. Cassandra actually made a partition to the very memory of the girl’s. So, the memory exists until now, but she cannot access it no matter what. That girl was happy again like nothing ever happened to her. She was told that her parents died in accident out of town. And that’s it. That is the kind of thing I need right now…for my own reason.

(to be continued)



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“Body Partition Premium Store–Part 1”

[…] Cassandra’s example really inspired me and made my intention whole. […]


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Mmmm kalo gw ditanya apa skill yang gw pingin punyain, gw biasanya ngejawab kalo gw pingiiin banget bisa ngegambar. Tapi apa gw bisa ngegambar? Gw inget banget di suatu saat di dalam idup gw, gw ngegambar kuda di depan anak2 kecil. Dan salah satu dari mereka bilang yg intinya:

“Sini gw aj yg ngebantuin lo ngegambar […]

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Cassandra’s example really inspired me and made my intention whole.

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