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October 19th 2011 in a short story

Je was walking home after office. He put on his iPod and it was loud. That’s the way he likes it…loud. Especially since he got this new headset which was actually an accessory from his android phone. “Aint life’s good?” he whispered to his own soul really slowly.

The song was one of the masterpiece of Black Eyed Peas–Light Up The Night. But then Je thought to himself that it sounded funny when he said it since he believed that the band only writes masterpieces.

Je sweat like thunderstorm along his walk. His day was hard. His smoke was harder. Then he made a big turn to a road. His rented room was almost there. He was imagining his cold room and his cold bed to pay off all the bad day he had.

But then something bad happened…his iPod ran out of battery. The volume went down drastically like Dow Jones on bad days and his ears went unemployed. And at the same time, his heart stopped and he literally jumped off the sidewalk because the dogs in someone’s house were barking with stereo sound. And that’s not it. A car from behind almost hit him. He had to do some┬ámaneuvering┬ájust to save his phatetic life. And that was when bunch of the cursed children laughed at him.

Those children of the damned made a remark:

“Hahahaha. He always walks this road and the dogs always bark but he never gets surprised until today. Hahahahaha.”

Je ignored those children from hell but not the sentence.



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coba bukan anjing. coba kucing yg mengeong. pasti bukannya didenger,dielus iya.dibersihin kupingnya kalo perlu. LOL.



cuba juga kalo di panggilin perempuan-perempuan yg ngaku fans nya Maher. :))

Je Agam

Kakkakakakak. bener banget :).

Je Agam

Sekarang jamannya ayu ting ting. Kurang mirrip apaaa juga ama gw??? LOL


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