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It’s always easier not to.

October 12th 2011 in just a thought

OK. Let’s talk about standard. Should we have a standard?

It would be easier not to, right? It is ALWAYS easier not to. The same thing happens about standard. If we do not have standard, we do not have to do anything. And if we do things but turned out suck, it’s ok. We should not even consider the result as something sucks. No standard, right?

What about some who think that standard is needed? Well, there you go. You work, you fight, you do things to achieve it. Then you can see the result. If it is bad, you can choose to say “I’ve done my best.” Or,…”What can we do to get better?” Or,… “Well, I guess that’s it.” You see, when you have a standard, you have the privileged to go on better or to give up .

I belong to the second group. I see the need of something to achieve. And I work for it. And that what has been happening in my office. So, some have been acting to have a standard. Some just do not know the standard that should be there. Myself? I  feel like I know and have the standard.

My “mistake” is to hope and do things so that others have standard or have a good level of standard . Many would make it that t is HOW I do it. Well, I have done it in two ways–soft and hard and I even repeat it many times.

Right this very second, I’m not sure to go on. Like I wrote earlier, it is easier NOT TO, right?

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“It’s always easier not to.”

if life is about being ‘not to’ for some people, i wonder then how they live their life. :-O

Je Agam

:). That’s another way of saying….things you do not need to say :).


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Kita2 uda hidup lumayan lama kan? Walaupun pengalaman2 kita beda2. Nah, gini2,..suatu hari gw kayak ketemu Gundala and disamber-samber gitu deeee and mikir tentang kalimat2 yang pernah gw katakan ke orang. Banyak dooong. Akhirnya gw milih kalimat2 yg g pernah gw omongin ke orang. Ini adalah dua dari beribu2 kalimat yg gw sendiri belum kepikir.

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