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May 21st 2011 in just a thought

Once I met a Ginny with three wishes. I started naming them. But then we talked:
G: “What makes you think I will grant any of those?”
J: “Coz I’ve been a very good boy.”
G: “I’m not Santa Claus.”
J: “I’ve set you free.”
G: “But you are not sincere.”
J: “Because that’s they way the story goes.”
G: “Then I’ll give you the power to change!”
J: What’s your name, anw?”
G: “Thoughts!


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Let us go back a little to the past. I have this bestfriend whom I joke a lot and vice versa. She is one of the coolest person I have met in my entire life, rili.

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Dunia ini sangat penuh dengan orang-orang aneh. Aku salah satunya dan aku salah satu dari manusia yang tahu akan hal itu karena baru saja mendatangi sebuah klub exclusive berkat bantuan Wawan—polisi buncit yang menjadi informanku.

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