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July 5th 2012

Here’s a quick post. My life is up and down,..but then again what is a life if it is not so? The big ideas are: Lots of losing Little gaining of concrete things Lots of gaining on abstract things Lots of seeing things in a better perspective Less problems since I let go of some […]

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Two things I pray

April 25th 2012

Before I sleep, I usually pray for two things: A peace of mind A peace of heart That’s it..

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Cant Reply Comments

March 12th 2012

I seriously do not know what happen to jupi. I just cant reply comments that got into it. So, guys,..I DO read you comments and I DO really appreciate them. Thaaaaaaaaaanks….

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Our own Cougar Town mini games

March 11th 2012

I have shared much joy I got from this COUGAR TOWN  TV series to some of my friends–if I cannot say ALL. What joy? What joy? Well, that series provide you with mini game, as I’d like to call it. This is an example. When the casts get together, sometimes they create some sort of […]

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Blog… healed

December 24th 2011

God, thank you for helping my friend curing my blog. It’s ok now, and hopefully it’s improving. Amen. And God, thank you for helping the android developers updating wordpress with a better user interface. God, thank you thank you thank you.

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Learning How to Draw

October 26th 2011

Mmmm kalo gw ditanya apa skill yang gw pingin punyain, gw biasanya ngejawab kalo gw pingiiin banget bisa ngegambar. Tapi apa gw bisa ngegambar? Gw inget banget di suatu saat di dalam idup gw, gw ngegambar kuda di depan anak2 kecil. Dan salah satu dari mereka bilang yg intinya: “Sini gw aj yg ngebantuin lo […]

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Khatib yang aneh

October 23rd 2011

Know wat, jaman dulu gw masih belum tanda tangan kontrak kerja ama Universal Studios, gw sempat punya impian bikin satu label postingan di blog soal hal2 yang khotib2 solat jumat ceramahin. But after the contract, ya udah, another dream shattered deh. Tapiiii,… (berhenti dulu untuk efek dramatis) Jumat kemaren bener2 kayak kelopak mata gw tuh […]

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Ciri-Ciri Alay

October 19th 2011

Gw mau nulis ini aj uda ketawa bawaannya. Jadi gini, suatu saat neh temen2 gw pada ngumpul dan ada satu jiwa yangtersesat bikin komentar yang kata temen2 itu komentar alay. Eee ada yang ngejadiin itu headline news dan me-list down beberapa ciri2 alay: 1. Kalo komen di facebook, huruf “k” diganti “q” and banyak “h” […]

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One happy moment

October 12th 2011

You know, some say that when you are down, you have to think of the good old days. Well, I have one. It’s the very fine day when I watched Cranberries in Java Rockin Land. Boooy, it was amazing. I was THIS close not being able to watch it. But,…those who know me should know […]

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Tips Pas Sakit

May 15th 2011

Beberapa minggu lalu gw sakit parah yang bikin gw stress–efeknya bukan cuma ke fisik tp lebih heboh urusan jiwa. Hihihihihi. Dan ada beberapa hal yang gw lakuin yang gw pikir penting juga buat orang2 dalam kondisi gw tau. Makanya gw nulis postingan ini. Mmmmm,… gw pingin menyempitkan audience postingan gw yg satu ini. Harapan gw […]

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