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The island of “Thanks God”

March 5th 2011

This morning I got a phone call from a friend who recently lost his mother because of a sickness. And at the same time, he also has trouble in his love life. I guess I was a listener for him. And after the phone call, my mind wandered to the land far far away called […]

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Friendship analysis

February 26th 2011

I have a lot of friends in my life. Some friends I want, some I don’t, some others I just stumble upon at a point of my life. If you were my friends reading this you might wonder in which category you belong to-that is if you care. I have this one specific friend I […]

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February 18th 2011

Have you ever shouted at someone? When? Did they deserve it? And… Have you ever been shouted at? When? Did you think they deserved it? Did you really think they deserved it? Did they deserve it?

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Learn from the best

November 28th 2010

Remember the song by WHITNEY HOUSTON–I┬álearn from the best?   That song talks about how Whitney gained knowledgeto break a man’s heart because she has just experienced it. And who is the best teacher? I agree when people say that it is EXPERIENCE. Other sources of knowledge everyone? Well,…the people you directly involve with are! […]

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A little said

November 12th 2010

At every end of day I usually hug my bolster tight and think about all day’s experience for a while. That night I thought of how I have made one of the rightest decision of my life…. I said a little. And looking at myself, saying a little over a problem is definately my greatest […]

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Tonight I cried

October 5th 2010

Tonight I cried. I cried. I just found out three limits that I and people crossed each other despite many warnings from each party. If any of you three read these posts, these are the things unsaid in me: 1. I used to know you. You used to know me. We read each other like […]

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Freakin’ workaholic

September 6th 2010

It all began on January 3, 2010. I broke up. And I tried hard…..God knows, get back to my ex. I failed. Then I decided to owe people some money to buy a laptop. I did. Every time I was reminded of a tree where I expressed my sadness that very night, I turned to […]

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If a picture paints a million or more words

September 4th 2010

I was busy doing things somewhere sometimes last week when a notification on my FB account alarmed me. I checked it and there was my step brother’s name and his loading profile pic. I replied to his comment but then I stopped when his profile pic had fully loaded. And the picture made me gasped […]

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I judge people!Yes,I do!

September 1st 2010

“Orang-orang kan sering bilang tuh kalo ngelakuin apa2 sendirian mesti kerasa susah. Mendingan dilakuin bareng2. Gw si setuju. Tapi yang gw lebih setuju adalah, kalo g ada yang mau diajak bareng, yang lakuin aj sendiri!” Itu status FB gw malem ini. Keras ya? YES! Emang dibikin kedengeran keras kok. Toh keras juga kagak ngefek. Do […]

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A super phone call…

August 30th 2010

I just hung up a phone call from an old friend yang lamaaaaaaaaaaaa banget curhatnya. Kayak cerita cinta di sinetron,…dia dapet kerjaan dari satu orang yang ending2nya ngedeketin dia. But the thing is,…yang ngedeketin dia itu uda married! Apa sih nilai perkawinan di jaman ini??? Anw,..setelah lebih deket,ini cewek temen gua jadi dapet kesempatan macem2 […]

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