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Two sentences I would never ever say

October 10th 2011

Kita2 uda hidup lumayan lama kan? Walaupun pengalaman2 kita beda2. Nah, gini2,..suatu hari gw kayak ketemu Gundala and disamber-samber gitu deeee and mikir tentang kalimat2 yang pernah gw katakan ke orang. Banyak dooong. Akhirnya gw milih kalimat2 yg g pernah gw omongin ke orang. Ini adalah dua dari beribu2 kalimat yg gw sendiri belum kepikir. […]

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Susah jadi saya!

September 10th 2011

Pernah tuh ada orang komentar “Enak ya jadi elo.” Dooh, dalam mode tidak sombong (well, maybe dikiiiit banget), gw mikir…”Kagak enak tauuuuuu.” Berikut adalah hal-hal yang gw sendiri ngerasa g enak: 1. Berat badan gw fluctuates. Kadang kuruuuus(an) kadang gemuuuk(g pake”an”). Repot kan? 2. Paling nggak suka diganggu orang even sekedar ngobrol pas di waktu2 […]

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Birth and Death

August 21st 2011

Blog ini baru. Jadi judulnya gw belilah hosting yang apa2nya diurus oleh Bapak Angkat Gua di Internet. Bapak ini baik banget sampe mau meluangkan waktunya ngecengin para pelayan di McD Salemba untuk ngegerok wi-finya. Bapak Angkat Gua ini cukup baik juga membalas sms gw dua akli menanyakan hal yang sama…password FTP. Please jangan nanya kepanjangannya […]

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May 21st 2011

Once I met a Ginny with three wishes. I started naming them. But then we talked: G: “What makes you think I will grant any of those?” J: “Coz I’ve been a very good boy.” G: “I’m not Santa Claus.” J: “I’ve set you free.” G: “But you are not sincere.” J: “Because that’s they […]

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May 18th 2011

Let us go back a little to the past. I have this bestfriend whom I joke a lot and vice versa. She is one of the coolest person I have met in my entire life, rili. So, what’s wrong with us? Well, nothing. I mean, I would not call quarreling as something wrong. Hihihihi. I […]

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Company men–the review

April 2nd 2011

Mmmm kemaren gw post satu kata d fb gw sebagai status: IKHLAS. Ada alesannya dong gw nulis itu… Alesannya adalah karena banyak hal2 d hidup gw (dan tentunya idup lo jg, tp karena ini idup gw ijd ya gw ngomongin diri gw sndiri aj ya) yang maksa gw pasrah. Masalahnya, gw tu orang yg susah […]

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My birthday (not) wishes

April 2nd 2011

Many people when having their birthdays would have a long list of wish that may look like this one below: -Play Station Portable -Eroupe trip -New laptop -New and expensive outfit -Dinner with boy/ girl/ bestfriend(s) -New android phone(s) -Get drunk all night and sleep all day And some would prefer to have a short […]

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In search of perfection

April 2nd 2011

JE-31 found himself in such a beautiful forest. It’s the one where you can see birds flying low near you leaving you with steps of wind you have on your clapping hair. The one that makes you bow sown a little to sav your head yet arouse curiosity. Aint he blessed with such a view […]

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a bottle=a tree

March 27th 2011

Look, I am not the concerned type when it comes to environment. Not THAT concerned, at least. But something happened to me last nigh that got me thinking. I was having a good saturday night experience in Gandaria City. My friends and I were strolling along till I felt thirsty. So I decided to buy […]

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Palatio–The God of Ignorance

March 19th 2011

Lately I have been creating this character in my mind called Palatio–The God of Ignorance. This is how everything began..   I have always known as somebody who is so “kekeh–determined” about things. Now, there are two questions that I think need to be answered: Questions: 1. Have I always been like that? 2. What […]

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