The First man on Jupiter
Exaggerating is an art!

About me

This page created August 13th 2010

Oh, so you’re here.

Well, hello!

Just call me Je for short. I’m a 30 year old man (by the time that I’m writing this and I guess this page is not updating my age :).

Regularly I’m in education but most of the time, I’m just a free soul making my own adventures here and there. So you might find me in certain points of your life :).

If you don’t, feel free to read and comment on things that I write on my blog. It has stories in it. Hope you like ’em. It also has other things commonly found in a blog.

What’s not common is perhaps the tagline that I choose…EXAGGERATING IS AN ART! This tagline implies that I exaggerate against common sense :).┬áHope you enjoy your visit and come back for more.

Oia, one more thing, I’m a TRUE Aries–if you know what I mean. If you don’t, Google it :)

Now, go back to my blog :).