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A spell-bound story (part 2)

December 9th 2010 in a short story

Writer’s note: This is the second part of the spell-bound story. Read the first part here.


“When all numbers sail

When no one else can see

Let my one wish prevails

Grant my eyes the honesty.”




Blinding light was I to suffer.

When my eyes opened i got the offer.

I turned away from her.

I headed home in eyes of power.


A child I had became.

Seeing things as more as merrier.

In my mind there was a shame.

Why didn’t I meet her for it earlier?


I was taken a back.

My eyes felt the crack.

I saw the people below.

I saw animals head on the go.


I questioned my sanity.

I questioned the honesty.

Imaginations are facts.

They came in a pack.


Approaching one creature

I started the shiver.

I asked why a pig.

He looked at me as if I were a gig.


Getting closer to another one.

Her head is a beautiful swan.

She starred in an amazement

As if I were in pscychological torment.


Looking for similarity.

What I wanted I found exactly.

Cockroach eyes starred at me.

I wonder what is my life to be.


It’s stronger that I felt the eery.

It’s ultimate to feel sad.

It’s human on the body.

It’s animal on the head.

(to be continued…)


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In a cold moonlit night,
a strange lady came to me.
She was very bright.
Her eyes starred at me.
Hopeless as I could be.
She was pointing at me.
One wish she offered.
One mind was jumbled.
Choices were laid down.
The connections were bound.
She ordered a start.
I was only a man who was smart.
I questioned sincerity.
She nodded right at me.
A papyrus as […]

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Writer’s note. This is the last part of the Spell-bound story. (part 1 and 2)
I started feeling dizzy.
Am I the only one who sees?
Where is that bright lady?
I wanted the old way I see.
Sitting down on a pavement
Breathing my thoughts for a moment.
Thinking hard how this could be.
It’s all the wish in me.
Bowing wind came […]

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