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When you are old…

July 25th 2010 in just a thought

“When you are old, you tend to avoid problems.” My senior said.
Being young(er) I disagree completely to that kind of attitude in a work place. But then again,I think there was something wrong with the description of the word “problems”. I was blamed, though when I wanted to replace the word with another word–challenge. And suddenly, I felt like I was the public enemy.

What’s with that? Did I misinterpret a PROBLEM Challenge? I still believe that I didn’t. You can call me hard-headed–I know someone who would, and I know that they are right. You can call me anything, as a matter of fact. My space for ego is spacious, you know.

One thing that makes me still believe in myself is… I have the data to support what I believe in. Maybe the others are too busy enjoying that comfort sofa of theirs and too busy with themselves to bother understanding what I said.

I am just disappointed with people right now. And I am looking for a new toy–an old one, actually, but I haven’t played with it seriously for quite some times…FACEBOOK.

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“When you are old…”

bentar lg kyknya jd tetangganya seseorang atau dua org di farmville.:-D


Mmmmm,..ngeblog ajah deh kl gt…. Hehehehe,


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