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March 24th 2010 in just a thought

Hello there,

Aren’t you one of those great people I met in life? The ones who speak less of words worth thousands of inspirations? The ones who care about me more than you are expected? Thank you for that. 
So, how’s your day? Does your list get longer? You know, the list of people who are amazed by you and what you have done and do? And you have a certain target, right? That’s awesome.

I do have one question, though. Or probably more. How do you manage your time? You seem to have time to share to the whole world. I mean, meet a lot of people in a week just to cheer ’em up!! How do you do that? Do you have a social scheduler that turns alert whenever it detects sadness your friend is experiencing? That’s a veryyyy nice application.Where did you download it? And the PROGRAMMER must be very extravagant.

Another question…what is the level of the sincerity? Is it always your toppest?Or is it sometimes not? But it always looks like you are giving your best sincerity!!! Seriously,…what happened?

Whatever happened,…you always share what you have with others. Thank you for that.

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muji apa sarkasm ini ya?


Kita belum ketemu,om…huhuhu.


daff: muji kok :)re: kok gw uda punya feeling gt ya. LOL.


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Demen baca puisi g? Kalo nulis puisi? Ini gw nemu satu link dari anak medan yang blognya isinya puisi2. Menurut gw yang orang awam bahasa nan indah dan memukau mengaliri pori, puisi2nya bagus banget. Bahasanya enak dan masih bisa dicerna dengan akal sadar seorang Je. Coba aj klik DISINI.Anw,..kalo soal ngomongin puisi, gw jadi inget […]

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