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Pragmatics Criminal

February 27th 2010 in my days

One of my friends turned into a Pragmatics Criminal. I just awarded him that label.
One day I chat with him and he typed:

“Watcha doin’ tmorrow?”

Normal people would think that the question was some sort of an invitation for a get-together.I asked him directly about that:

“So u asked to do sumthin’?”

“No. I got no plans.”


And there we were in a car.He said that he promised to meet our friend. But because of the traffic and all that, it was impossible for us to meet him. And he suddenly suffered from a loss of interest in chatting w that friend. And so he texted him:

“We are in PS.”

I asked: “That’s it?”


I told him that such question will make him confused especially earlier we planned to visit his place.
He didn’t think that way, though.
I said that if I were that guy, I would probably asked him directly:
“Do you want me to go there?”

And he disagreed with me. Then we got into this argument about his way of abusing language. I ended up giving him a lecture on PRAGMATICS.

And he got all confused about it and I bet he thought that I was a freak,…while actually he could just think of me as someone whose work deals with language.

I opened my file on his words to me back in the past saying things that were actually leading to something but somehow–the fact that he was being himself–PRAGMATICS CRIMINAL–ended up in: “They are just questions/ statements.”

I do think that this friend of mine is smart and all that but I guess if he IS that smart in language, I would end up jobless.


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