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February 23rd 2010 in my days

I went for a movie at Blok M Square couple of nights ago. I found a very strange fact. Usually I could just park on the second floor of the building. But that night, the parking attendant directed me to another floor. And when I arrived there, there was not even one motorcycle parked. What I saw was a sign telling me to go one stair higher. I did. And the same thing happened again and again. During the never ending trip, I noticed that there were so many cars–clean and nice–parked there. Then I noticed that each car got a notice on them. It had a price. Now, since I don’t do numbers,..but I do money, I could really tell that it was a price!. Till the last floor, I just realized that on my way into the building I saw an announcement that Blok M Square is having sales…cars!

OK,…I think that is a very innovative idea. Selling cars in the parking area is just so cool. How about you? If you had to sell something, say,…Durians,..where would you sell them? :)


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