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giving up

December 11th 2008 in my days

OMG,………. i have tried many times installing Adobe Acrobat. I just can’t.
I believe a man should know when to stop,….this is it!!!

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“giving up”
Erin a.k.a Rei



C’mon….You can do it… break a leg! Don’t be a chicken, be a dog!!! Kamu banget seh Al…


Beli buku dong, beli buku….Kagak bisa baca ‘twilight’ or other pdf files ntaaar….


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There’s a song by Dolores O’Riordan entitled ACCEPT THINGS (taken from the album “Ordinary Day”).One of the lyrics takes my attention. It is…”You should not forget the people you met on the way up and on the way down.”I remember those people in my life. Do you?

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I know,…I know,…looking at the title of my post you might probably thinking :”This man surely has got nothing to do any better for his time!!”My respond is an absolute YES!I got sick and seriously couldn’t do things. So,..i let my mind wander off a bit far. Here’s my basic reasoning:Isn’t the first lesson […]

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