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Mirror mirror on the wall wrongs me!

April 21st 2019 in just a thought

Remember the mirror mirror on the wall (mm) scene in Snow White and the Hunstman? Here, go here. The queen asked the mm who was the fairest of them all and it suggested that she was. We all know Snow White was! (Before or after her sex orientation was revealed... She was still tje fairest, huh? ) But that wasn’t what the queen wanted to hear. She needed the mm to tell her that SHE was the fairest of them all.

Now let’s not care for no queens. Let’s just take a look at as. We do whisper to ourselves that we are good from time to time, yes? (Or is it just me???!!))). Maybe we should do that only on specific situations. Perhaps we should choose when to say things to ourselves. We don’t need to take the road self-help books do! It’s OK if we are not good at everything. We don’t need to mm ourselves into thinking that we are! It’s a false hope and it’s dangerous.

At this point you might consider me as a pessimist. I’m not really. I’m just being logical and accepting (I’m getting older, you see.) I’m accepting that there are things I am good at and there are things I am not. I still have my mm. But I’m not using it now. I’m not going to abuse it to tell me what I want to hear.

PS: Maybe I’ll ask tomorrow 😛

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“Mirror mirror on the wall wrongs me!”

this mm is on the wall, isn’t it?what the about the mm on vehicle or woman’s compact powder😆,it should more gentle.


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