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Our own Cougar Town mini games

March 11th 2012 in my days

I have shared much joy I got from this COUGAR TOWN  TV series to some of my friends–if I cannot say ALL. What joy? What joy?

Well, that series provide you with mini game, as I’d like to call it. This is an example. When the casts get together, sometimes they create some sort of rules of anything..anything at all. One that becomes their trademark would be PENNY CAN GAME. They simply have a can ready in a distance and everyone tries to throw a penny in. If they can do that successfully, everyone has to shout “Penny caaaaaaaan” in a high pitch. Here’s another one..GAY TRAP. They simply involve in a conversation and one of them should try to secretly  lead the topic into a question. And of course one of them will answer to keep the conversation going. And when they do, others will shout “Gay Traaaap.” All of the games are seriously funny even as I recall them myself.

Now, what about people around me? We have some of our own. We have”

-Avant Garde


And the latest one..




THE HISTORY (Don’t yawn just yet. LOL)

There were three of s at Cafe Cartel. We were enjoying this obese ribs. Yum yum. And suddenly one of us talked about bathroom activities. Oh no! My friend and I suddenly felt that it was not right. She tried to directly made a comment on an object in the corner of the room. I jumped in by saying the words: It’s so modern. Avant Garde! And ever since, if we are in a conversation and we do not want to continue or we just want to change the subject, we go like:

Avant Gaaaarrrde!



THE HISTORY (Still trying to yawn? LOL)

We were so stressed lately that whenever we have time, we will fly directly to have our karaoke sessions. Now, in order to perform best, we need to practice, right? In our free time at the office, we usually log on to youtube and play some songs and let our friends guess the title or the singer. And there is this one gentleman who can MOST OF THE TIME mention the answers correctly even in several seconds after the start of the song. We decided to say “FREAAAAK” to him in a very sadistic possible way. Then we laugh. And it goes on to many other things. Whenever one of us know things very well, we will just say “FREAAAAAK” directly. And the freak cup take turns, you know. LOL



THE HISTORY (Yawn now, young man and young lady! LOL)

One day we were all freakin busy and then the secretary gave each of us a sheet of paper. It was Tax Form. Right, it’s March. And so everyone started to look at the form and went to our computer trying to make sense of it. I, for one, do not do numbers and tax,…is ALL about numbers! And I got frustrated. So I asked a friend to come to my computer to help me with the paper. And she gave a lot of instructions that I did not understand. And I laid back on the seat and complained “HADEEEEEEEH”–the modification of Aduh. Apparently if you see it LIVE it would be very funny. My friend laughed and that was it, we say HADEEEEh often now.


So, go watch the movies and create your own mini game.

Have fun :)

PS: Click penny can  and gay trap games for the videos :).


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