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Duiit duiit duiit

February 3rd 2014

Nah,.. Selamat datang di postingan ini. Pertama2, silakan kategorikan anda berdasarkan alasan kenapa anda nge-click postingan ini: a. Pembaca mata duitan Anda tipe yg akan mengklik kata “duit” atau yang berhubungan dengan kata itu, misalnya “uit”, dit” dut”. Nah, mari baca sampe capek ati anda. b. Pembaca nyasar Nah, karena anda nyasar, mari terus baca. […]

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Effort to being cliche-new year res…

January 1st 2014

Ok, so this is my effort of being clichè…writing new year resolution. Whyever I am writing this will get to my something-something-bla-bla-bla-part. So, new year resolution: 1. I want a house! Is that a big enough of a resolution? Yes? Ok. That’s it, then. Good luck, Chuck! Happy new year!

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Poetry Translating

October 5th 2013

Okeeehh,… Gw punya temen yg uda siap jd self-publisher. COOL, i know! Yg bakal dia publish itu puisi2nya dia. COOL, i know! Pusinya dua bahasa, ind eng. COOl, i know! Dan gw yg translate. Hadeeeehhhhh. Not cool at all. Berikut alasan2nya…. *pura2nya ada iklan bentar. 1. Tulis menulis perasaan uda lumayan lama gw tinggalin. I […]

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Dentist Visit..Ouch!

April 24th 2013

Lo tau makhluk apa di dunia ini yang bisa bikin gw nyerah? Bukan yg halus2 ato yg kasar2. Gw bisa alus n bisa kasar n kasar banget. Tanya deh psikolognya korban2 gw. Wuiiiihhh. Satu2nya makhluk yg bisa bikin gw takluk 7 langit adalaaaahhh….DOKTER GIGI!!! Yup. Selamat ya para dokter gigi seduniaaaa. Ini adalah awal dari […]

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Lately niihh..

April 7th 2013

So, Been a long time not writing HERE. Berarti writingnya di yang laen2. Ok2, enough curhat. Now, more curhat.   Ni gw lg demen nge-youtube soal personalisasi gadgets. Judulnya punya gadgets baru (Lagiiiii??? When will you stoppp???) Now, now, kayaknya yang lebih penting yg didalem kurungan ya… Gini2,..research shows that our brain does not need […]

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February 12th 2013

Sebener2nya gw males nulis soal gw quittin g from my company. Buat apa gitu ya? Black an Blue nya uda diserep temen2 deket gw. Sian jg mereka. Tapiiiiiii berhubung gw uda punya blog and uda lama gak absen, ya absen deh ya. Jadi gini ceritanya, gw quit. Udah ya. LOL.   Let’s just talk about […]

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Life lesson from angry birds

December 18th 2012

So I downloaded angry birds starwars. Been a while, rili. And i had a great time playing it. My dizziness and my problems didn’t seem to agree since they packed their bags n left immediately. Along the finger tapping, holding, sliding, releasing and sometimes tapping again,…i thought to myself how we can learn a lot […]

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Romantic cough

December 16th 2012

So… akhirnya ada yg bs maksa gw ntn breaking dawn part 2. In my book of sins, adalah list itu d nomor brapaaa gt. Padahal gw pernah ntn tu vampir2 seri pertama n keduanya??? *langsung mau mengamandemen list dosa. Lol Daaan biar pengalaman menonton gw maksimal, ntn dl dong breaking dawn part 1 nyaaa d […]

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You need 4 sticks of cotton bud. Find out why!

November 24th 2012

In an early morning when I woke up-trust me, it doesn’t happen often–I realized there’s a general truth that eeeeeeevery one should know! You need 4 stick of cotton bud! Yep! This is why: First, I read somewhere somewhen somehow that gymnasts maintain their balance with clean ears! How bout that? We do not necessarily […]

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August 10th 2012

A couple of days ago I read an article on Google Current—An Android App—about first days when a scientist was a bout to launch the first ever touch screen—iPhone something. I was sooo inspired with the way the article was written (sorry I forgot the link). The words they used are sooooo me. They were […]

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