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Mirror mirror on the wall wrongs me!

April 21st 2019

Remember the mirror mirror on the wall (mm) scene in Snow White and the Hunstman? Here, go here. The queen asked the mm who was the fairest of them all and it suggested that she was. We all know Snow White was! (Before or after her sex orientation was revealed… She was still tje fairest, […]

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Reflection at a cemetary

February 9th 2014

“Hari-hari terus saja tidak memperhatikan aku. Sombong sekali. Orang-orang kesana kemari mengurus tahlil. Tiba-tiba saja tingkat religius di rumah ini meningkat. Apa harus menunggu ada yang meninggal dulu? Telepon berbunyi terus-terusan. Yang telepon rumah lah, hape lah. Walaupun isak tangis yang tiba-tiba muncul ketika mengabari saudara jauh soal kematian mama sering kali muncul, kesan kehilangan […]

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Honesty Ready

January 27th 2014

Something happened to me. Something… Well, I really want to say “bad”. But then again, that word–as the case with many adjectives–is so subjective. And I really wish I can write down the everything in detail to lift this burden I have. But I can’t. So, I will just use an illustrated situation that goes […]

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Lately niihh..

April 7th 2013

So, Been a long time not writing HERE. Berarti writingnya di yang laen2. Ok2, enough curhat. Now, more curhat.   Ni gw lg demen nge-youtube soal personalisasi gadgets. Judulnya punya gadgets baru (Lagiiiii??? When will you stoppp???) Now, now, kayaknya yang lebih penting yg didalem kurungan ya… Gini2,..research shows that our brain does not need […]

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Life lesson from angry birds

December 18th 2012

So I downloaded angry birds starwars. Been a while, rili. And i had a great time playing it. My dizziness and my problems didn’t seem to agree since they packed their bags n left immediately. Along the finger tapping, holding, sliding, releasing and sometimes tapping again,…i thought to myself how we can learn a lot […]

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Hello, world

November 20th 2012

Like seriously,…hello world. Where have you gone? I’m tired here with this and that. Making a change? Always…always…not thinking that it is the right time. Sorry but on this n that, I am not the ‘just-close-your-eyes-and-jump’ type of man. Mmmmmpppphhhh….

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August 10th 2012

A couple of days ago I read an article on Google Current—An Android App—about first days when a scientist was a bout to launch the first ever touch screen—iPhone something. I was sooo inspired with the way the article was written (sorry I forgot the link). The words they used are sooooo me. They were […]

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Two things I pray

April 25th 2012

Before I sleep, I usually pray for two things: A peace of mind A peace of heart That’s it..

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January 21st 2012

The best thing about a blog is like you have this incredible storage where you could come and go to your heart’s content. You can write weird things without being too caring about others. You can just tell them “This is my goddamn blog and there’s nothing you can do about it!” By saying that, […]

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It’s always easier not to.

October 12th 2011

OK. Let’s talk about standard. Should we have a standard? It would be easier not to, right? It is ALWAYS easier not to. The same thing happens about standard. If we do not have standard, we do not have to do anything. And if we do things but turned out suck, it’s ok. We should […]

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