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Control (part 2–end)

February 12th 2011

This is the continuation of ALter-Ego–Control part 1   After threatening me that someone dies, my alter-ego disappeared. I was a bit confused. His both appearance and disappearance caused me this eery feelings.   I sat down in my room after a great shiver. I tried to think. It’s actually  been a while since my […]

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Control (part 1)

December 15th 2010

Note: This is the continuation of the ALTER EGO–the series.   “Hey you!” My alter ego was sitting on the corner of my room. He called me and I tried my very best to turn to him. My eyes glued to the screen of my laptop. “I know you can hear me.” My full concentration […]

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Taken a back by reflection

November 8th 2010

“Of course I am God damn right! I see right through you. I llllllive inside you!!!! You are weak. You have always been weak. And I exist from your fear. I have to be one handling all the shit you suffer in your pathetic life!” And all the memories flashed before me,…before him…memories that stated […]

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October 19th 2010

Note: This post is a part of the series “ALTER EGO”.   “So you are a strong personality,…finally!” My alter ego said that to me and the next thing I knew, his laughter filled out the room. “What do you mean with strong personality?” “Hahahahahahahaha. We just talked about Michelle, right? The way you wanted […]

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September 12th 2010

“How do I want Michelle to die?” He nodded. I hate these moments when my alter ego was control. “You are right! I AM in control. Do you know why?” I tilted my head slightly to the left because I wonder what his answer might be. “You are weak!” “I am not weak!” “We have […]

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Criminal Minds

August 19th 2010

“O, you came back.” “I am invited, indeed.” “Huh? Who inv…” “YOU!” “Me?” My alter ego just nodded. That nod took me back to where I first met him. And at that time he was there with his mocking face toward mine. “What do you want from me?” “Notin’.” I said. “Are…you…sure?” He paused in […]

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December 26th 2009

The conversation between me and my alter-ego started to get me.“So, you are saying that if I admit that you so-called benefit theory were true—even at the slightest—my being as a human will not be ok?” I repeated my question.He nodded again and gave me that grin of a life time.“I..I don’t get it.”“Don’t get […]

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An introduction to DENIAL

December 19th 2009

“I come back.” “I know.” My alter ego said. “So I am right.” He added. “I don’t know.” I hesitated for a while. His benefit theory seems rather cruel to me. “O yes, you do. If I were wrong, I would not appear. As a matter of fact, my appearance here stated that you think […]

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The Benefit Theory

December 7th 2009

“Isn’t everyone interesting?” I asked my alter ego that sixty million dolar question. “In a way,..yes.” He said. And then he added “However, oftentimes we do not have sufficient time to understand them. Inevitably we choose to understand people if they are of benefit for us. “But that is just so cruel!” I remarked. “The […]

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